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לסיפורים בעברית

Neta shouted "grenade" and lay down on the grenade, sacrificing himself to save his girlfriend and son to be fiancee, Irene

Neta Libstein

Neta Libstein from Kfar Azza, the nephew of Ofir Lipstein who was murdered on October 7th, was a combat soldier in the paratrooper brigade who only a few weeks before October 7th was released from service. Neta spent the weekend together with his girlfriend Irene in the kibbutz during the Hamas attack. 

At 6:30 Neta and Irene woke up to a sirens and red alerts but stayed in the bed that was in the bomb shelter. Both are residents of the south and are used to Hamas attack rounds and didn't think there was anything special. A few minutes later around 7:00 they already heard gunshots. At 8:00 in the morning Neta found out that his grandmother was murdered and a few minutes later he also found out that his uncle, Ofir Liebstein was murdered. At 11:00 in the morning, gunshots were already heard approaching the house, in the area of the “young generation” in the kibbutz. 

Neta and Irene locked themselves inside the bomb shelter when at the same time they heard the terrorists breaking the door and windows of their apartment. The terrorists opened the bomb shelter door and threw two grenades. They wounded the couple but did not kill them. After the terrorists threw the third grenade that landed near Irene , Neta shouted "grenade" and lept on the grenade, sacrificing himself to save Irene. He was instantly killed. Irene spent the next hours, hiding under the bed next to Neta's body and managed to be spared. Irene had to cut her pants and breathe through them while the terrorists set fire to the house. After many long minutes the terrorists left and Irene managed to put out the fire. After that, Irene returned to the bomb shelter and lay for hours next to Neta's body while terrorists entered and left their apartment when they were conducting a shootout with IDF soldiers. Only after 5 hours that lasted forever, IDF soldiers rescued Irene under fire from terrorists. Irene and Neta were a young couple who planned to get married in April 2024.

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