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Dance of Survival: Shahar Single's Unforgettable Odyssey from the 'Nova' Party Terror

Shahar Single

Shahar Single, who experienced the unforgettable "Nova" party on the seventh of October and emerged unscathed, recounts the harrowing events of that day:

The clock struck 6:30 in the morning, and the atmosphere was filled with joy as we danced and laughed. Suddenly, chaos erupted as a relentless barrage targeted us, accompanied by blaring alarms. The gravity of the situation eluded us initially. Hastily, we made our way to the car, realizing the party had been abruptly halted. At 7:30, while stuck in traffic, our refuge turned into a battleground. Terrorists in vans unleashed a massive onslaught, prompting us to flee to a container within the party grounds, where we tended to numerous wounded.

By 8:20, the container itself became a target, forcing us to dash towards the party area and subsequently into the forest. Alone with Hadar, we sought refuge in the bushes, only to have bullets whizzing overhead moments later. Swiftly, we plunged into a stream, encountering two terrorists armed with firearms and a knife. Addressed in Arabic, I instinctively responded, "Tell me you are not terrorists," grasping the gravity of the situation. I took charge, signaling Hadar to escape.

At 10:00, we found ourselves confronted by 30 terrorists chanting "death to the Jews." A life-or-death struggle ensued for about a minute, during which I managed to outmaneuver one assailant, sustaining numerous hits. The other brandished a knife, but I thwarted his attempt and retreated to Hadar. From our concealed vantage point, we witnessed the horrifying spectacle of terrorists mercilessly targeting partygoers, some of whom were abducted into Gaza. At noon, two terrorists approached us closely, unaware of our presence, and passed by.

By 3:30 p.m., the air resonated with fluent Hebrew. I identified Maged Bah, alongside Sivan Bloch, and two others who were the heroes in the vehicle that eventually rescued me. Our journey continued, gathering more survivors until we reached Ofakim and then proceeded straight to a hospital to visit my friend Gal, a victim of the terrorists who miraculously survived.

In reflection, I'll forever carry the weight of that day. Gratitude swells within me for my family, my heroic partner, and the precious gift of life. I am acutely aware of my fortune to stand here in the reserves, confident in our ultimate victory. A special acknowledgment goes to the Golani patrol and my role as a fighter, a pivotal reason for my survival. Of course, my thoughts linger on the friends lost (Ido Peretz, Yonatan Rom, and Niv Talzor) and all the innocents who perished at the party. Let's not forget the abductees, yearning for their safe return home.

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