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לסיפורים בעברית

Duty Calls: A Day of Heroism and Sacrifice

Noam David

Noam David had always known that he wanted to serve his country. He was a student at the pre-military preparatory school in Ein Perat, a place where young men and women were trained to become soldiers and leaders.

One morning, on October 7th, Noam woke up with a sense of purpose. He knew that it was going to be an eventful day as he walked towards the dining hall for breakfast. But little did he know just how significant this day would be.

As he sat down to eat, the head of his preparatory school, Erez Eshel, approached him with a serious look on his face. "Noam," he said in a low voice. "We have received orders from the army. They need volunteers for a rescue mission."

Without hesitating, Noam stood up and followed Erez out of the dining hall. They made their way to the van that was parked outside, ready to take them wherever they needed to go.

"We are heading to Zikim base," Erez said as they got into the van. "There has been an attack by terrorists and we need all hands on deck."

Noam felt his heart rate pick up as they drove towards their destination. As they arrived at Zikim base, chaos surrounded them. Soldiers were running around trying to help wounded comrades while others were engaging in combat with the terrorists.

Erez quickly found an ambulance and without wasting any time, they began retrieving injured and dead bodies from the area. Noam assisted by loading bodies into the van while Erez drove behind him in the ambulance.

Among those rescued was Michal Alon, who had been shot in front of her own home by a terrorist just hours ago. She had come to visit her family at Zikim base for Shabbat but instead found herself caught in this horrific attack.

After three rounds of evacuations from Zikim base to Barzilai Hospital, they received orders to head towards Zikim beach. Noam's heart sank as he saw the devastation on the beach. Wounded soldiers lay scattered everywhere, and among them was a young woman named Noa.

Noam and Erez quickly loaded her into the ambulance and drove her to the hospital. Her condition was critical, but thanks to their quick actions, she survived.

As night fell, they made their way to Kibbutz Bari where Israeli forces were fighting terrorists inside the kibbutz. The situation was tense, but Noam and Erez kept their focus on rescuing those in need.

It was during this chaos that they came across a pregnant woman who had been injured during the attack. Without hesitation, Noam helped her into the van alongside other wounded soldiers while Erez drove them all to safety.

As dawn broke, Noam finally returned home exhausted yet filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. He had played a crucial role in saving lives and helping his country during one of its darkest

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