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Transforming Nova Escape into a Heroic Anthem: A Tale of Resilience

Noam Cohen

Noam Cohen, a survivor of the Nova party on October 7, transformed his harrowing escape from a terrorist attack into a song of heroism. Collaborating with his close friend Maor Ashkenazi, Cohen recounts the traumatic event in his song, reflecting on the moments of death and pain that ultimately led to a sense of hope amidst adversity.

During the attack, Cohen narrowly escaped as terrorists fired upon a car. Seeking refuge in a stopped vehicle, the shield became a death trap when terrorists threw grenades inside. Awakening later amidst deceased friends, Cohen managed to slip away from the shield. Providentially, a passing car of fellow Jews rescued him under intense gunfire.

Hospitalized, Cohen penned a poem detailing his experience, with support from his friend Ashkenazi. The resulting song serves as a poignant example of how individuals can turn tragic experiences into sources of inspiration and resilience.

In the lyrics, Cohen vividly recounts the horrors he faced, from the relentless gunfire to the haunting nightmares that followed. His narrative sheds light on the challenges and losses he endured, providing a glimpse into the profound impact of the October 7th massacre on Nova survivors.

Cohen and his fellow survivors represent a significant milestone in the healing process of Israeli society post-war. The hope is that this song becomes a means of coping with severe trauma and encourages society to prioritize the well-being of survivors and fighters. Recognizing the increased awareness of trauma management today, Cohen's song may inspire others to creatively share their stories.

The lyrics, composed by Maor Ashkenazi and Noam Cohen, further encapsulate the intensity of the experience. Cohen expresses the physical and emotional toll of the event, emphasizing the struggle to move on while grappling with the indelible memories of the massacre. In closing, there is gratitude for Cohen's contribution and a collective hope that the song aids in his healing journey and extends support to others facing similar challenges.

Here is his song (Hebrew)

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