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לסיפורים בעברית

Unyielding Valor: Noam ben Shulush's Journey from Battlefield Heroism to Inspirational Triumph

Noam Ben Shlush

On a courageous October 7th, Noam ben Shulush, a valiant fighter of the Golani Brigade, leapt into action alongside his comrades to confront terrorists who had infiltrated Kibbutz Alumim. Through their collective bravery and fierce determination, they successfully safeguarded the entire kibbutz from harm. Tragically, an Israeli woman lost her life in the attack, and Noam himself paid a steep price, losing a leg in the line of duty.

Amidst the intense combat, Noam displayed exceptional skill by neutralizing two terrorists. In a tense, point-blank encounter, where both combatants raised their weapons, Noam's quick reflexes and sharpshooting allowed him to prevail and make a daring escape. The second terrorist, eliminated by Noam, released a deadly volley of bullets upon falling, with three finding their mark—striking Noam's leg and neck. Miraculously, he survived, orchestrating his rescue after playing dead as other terrorists passed by, making a poignant farewell call to his brother.

Noam, now a living testament to resilience and fortitude, emerged as an Israeli hero. His inspiring words reflect not only his physical courage but also the strength of his character, unwavering positivity, and inner beauty. In the face of mortal wounds, Noam's reflections on his journey are a testament to his indomitable spirit:

"I am Noam, a proud member of the 13th Golani Brigade. In the crucible of battle at the entrance to Moshav Alumim, five of us faced forty terrorists, and I am grateful to have played a role in safeguarding the residents. Post-evacuation to Soroka Hospital, I grappled with adversity, undergoing the amputation of my left leg. Amidst reflection, I realized I would not succumb to self-pity; rather, my uniqueness emerged from this challenge. My journey, the best gift received, unveiled my capabilities and determination. I set lofty goals, cherishing the memory of fallen comrades who sacrificed for Israel. To every reader, amputee or not, healthy or scarred, remember this: you can achieve anything. Our unity, fortified by God's help, ensures victory and eternal unity. With love for Israel, remember—you can conquer any challenge, even reaching for the moon. Our strength lies in unity. Love you, Israel."

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