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Remembering Captain Itay Seif: A Legacy of Love, Leadership, and Sacrifice

Itay Seif

Itay, a platoon commander in the Saber Battalion of the Givati Brigade, lived in Yeruham and was 24 years old. Tragically, he fell in battle alongside Major Yeftah Shahar from Moshav Paran due to an explosive device explosion. Seven other fighters from the Sabar Battalion were seriously injured in the same incident and were promptly evacuated for medical treatment, with their families notified.

At Yeshivat Amit in Yeruham, they honored the memory of Captain Itay Seif, who lost his life in the Gaza Strip conflict. Rabbi Yair Yacovi, from the "Ballab Shalem" high school in Yeruham where Captain Seif studied, spoke of him in an interview, describing him as a beloved leader who embodied qualities of love, humility, sensitivity, and honesty. He emphasized how Seif exemplified the values of his family and noted his tragic loss as the third victim from the yeshiva.

Rabbi Itzik Yanai, Seif's educator at the yeshiva, fondly remembered him as a beloved friend who contributed selflessly to his community. He highlighted Seif's determination and noted his passing as a significant loss to both the yeshiva and the nation of Israel.

Captain Seif Rami's father sang "Broken Love" with singer Hanan Ben Ari in tribute to his son, while Seif's mother, Chaya, expressed her grief, reminiscing about her son's kindness, achievements, and aspirations. She spoke of him as a perfect child who excelled in all aspects of his life and shared touching anecdotes about his dedication as a commander and friend.

Itay's friends recalled him as a sociable and active individual who participated in various social activities, including training at the Bnei Akiva branch and involvement in local robotics competitions. Rachel Knoll, director of the Yeruham Science Center, praised Seif's leadership qualities and his commitment to his team, both in robotics and in the military. She highlighted his determination and sensitivity, acknowledging the profound impact of his loss.

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