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Guardian of Kibbutz Nir Am: The Bravery of Inbal Rabin-Lieberman

Inbal Rabin-Lieberman

Inbal Rabin-Lieberman had always been a strong and determined woman, but on the particular morning of October 7th 2023, her bravery and quick thinking would be put to the ultimate test. As the day-to-day security coordinator of Kibbutz Nir Am, she was responsible for the safety and well-being of all its residents. And when she heard the drones at the Israel-Gaza border early Saturday morning, she knew that something sinister was about to unfold.

Without wasting a second, Inbal sprang into action. She immediately contacted the kibbutz electrician and ordered him not to turn on the generators until they knew what was causing the disruption. She then ran from house to house, alerting everyone of the potential danger and organizing them into a standby squad.

Equipped with weapons from the kibbutz's armory, Inbal strategically placed her team in ambush points along the fence surrounding their community. Her vigilance and intelligence had prepared them for this very moment.

As they waited in silence, tension hung thick in the air. The sound of approaching footsteps sent shivers down their spines as they braced themselves for what was to come.

Suddenly, there was a loud commotion at Kibbutz Nir Am's main gate. The terrorists had arrived, intent on wreaking havoc on innocent lives. But thanks to Inbal's leadership and preparation, their break-in attempt was thwarted by an armed standby squad ready for battle.

The main gate remained locked due to the lack of electricity caused by an explosion at a nearby power plant – a deliberate act by those who wished harm upon them.

But even as they celebrated their victory against these terrorists, Inbal couldn't shake off a sense of foreboding. She knew that this wasn't over yet.

Just half a kilometer away from Kibbutz Nir Am lay Sderot – a city that had been under constant attack from terrorists for months. And as they heard the sounds of gunfire and explosions coming from that direction, Inbal knew that their kibbutz was not immune to such horrors.

She prayed for the safety of her community, but she also knew that they had to be prepared for whatever may come next. With determination in her eyes, Inbal vowed to do everything in her power to protect Kibbutz Nir Am and its residents.

For years to come, the story of Inbal Rabin-Lieberman's bravery and quick thinking on that fateful day would be told with reverence and admiration. She had proven herself to be a true hero – a woman who refused to back down in the face of danger and fought tirelessly for the safety of her people.

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