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לסיפורים בעברית

Idan Amedi: From Stage to Battlefield – A Journey of Resilience, Tragedy, and Unwavering Commitment

Idan Amedi

Idan Amedi, a famous Israeli singer and actor joined the reserves and fought in Gaza. He rose to fame more than a decade ago as a singer in an Israeli singing reality TV Show in which he sang about pain of warriors (Israeli combat soldiers). He reached global fame through his role as Sagi Tzur, a member of an undercover special forces team that battles terrorists in the Israeli hit series, Fauda. As it turns out he is also part of special forces team that fights terrorists in real life.

In the beginning of the month his squadron was hit by explosives in an accidental friendly fire situation. He was gravely injured. Initially, he was burned and was labeled as an unidentified 22-year-old soldier. Miraculously, his condition improved, and he managed to survive despite a shrapnel piece that entered his body and was lodged in one of his vertebrates and pierced his neck and spine. He held a press conference in which he cried after he said he could not save his 2 soldiers who perished with 4 others in the incident. He promised that he would get back to acting and singing and if he has enough strength he would back to fighting for the country. He urged decision makers not to abandon the hostages and do everything in their ability to bring the m back home.

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