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לסיפורים בעברית

Generations of Valor: A Heroic Saga Unfolds in the Heart of Israel

Gali Ayalon

On October 7, a tale of extraordinary heroism unfolded in the State of Israel, unveiling a new breed of heroes unlike any seen before, reminiscent of the clandestine era during the state's founding. Among them stood Gali, a 15-year-old from Kfar Gaza, whose courage left an indelible mark on that fateful day.

As the Dovdvan commando unit infiltrated her home while she sought refuge under her bed, Gali, quick-witted and resolute, pondered, "I'll find a way to help them."

Approaching the fighters, she calmly offered her assistance, revealing the existence of a WhatsApp group for the kibbutz. "I can guide you to houses where people need help," she assured them. The warriors, recognizing the value in her offer, eagerly accepted.

On October 7, chaos gripped every corner around the Gaza Strip. The unit's fighters, mostly unfamiliar with the village, desperately needed local support. Gali, devoid of any formal training, courageously assumed the role of a guiding force, aiding the fighters in navigating the challenging terrain.

Despite Kfar Gaza suffering severe losses — with over 16 kidnapped and more than 50 kibbutz members murdered — Gali's resourcefulness shone through. She directed the fighters towards houses with terrorists, providing critical information and significantly optimizing their combat strategies.

In the villages of Gaza and Ari, where the fighting persisted for days against the invading terrorists, Gali's father, the late Tal Ilon, led the initial stand-by unit. His bravery, akin to that of his daughter, became legendary among his peers.

Tal, not just a commander during crises but a daily inspiration, foresaw the impending threat to Kibbutz Sa'ad and ensured preparations. Despite his injuries, he prioritized the evacuation of others over himself, succumbing to his wounds in the line of duty.

This spirit of selflessness and leadership transcended generations, evident in Gali's plea to the soldiers not to evacuate her or her family initially, but to prioritize those in more dire need.

As the soldiers pressed on, they encountered Gali's mother, who, in distress, explained that Gali was in imminent danger. With unwavering enthusiasm, the Dovdvan unit rushed back, saving Gali at the eleventh hour.

The young "Kambatsit," already earmarked for a guaranteed place in the unit in the years to come, became a symbol of courage and resilience. In the face of unprecedented challenges, heroes like Gali and her late father stood as beacons of hope and selflessness, embodying the indomitable spirit that binds generations.

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