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לסיפורים בעברית

Capt. Nurit: “The citizens of Israel need to feel safe and secure”

Captain Nurit

Upon hearing the reports of the terrorist incursion into the Gaza Division’s bases on October 7, 2023, Captain Nurit, the division’s combat intelligence company commander, rushed to join her soldiers with two other companies at the base and deploy them in the field.  They successfully neutralized terrorists they encountered and at the same time deployed a drone that aided in identifying the primary infiltration sites, notably the command center. Amid small arms fire and grenades, the forces pressed forward toward the command center room, which had fallen into the hands of the terrorists, and eventually reclaimed control of the area. “The citizens of Israel need to feel safe and secure,” says Capt. Nurit. “We are here to protect and safeguard everyone, and we will continue to do so.” During the clashes at the base, one of the female soldiers lost her life, and several others, including Captain Nurit, sustained injuries.

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