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Unyielding Devotion: The Tragic Sacrifice of Amit Man, A Performer Turned Heroic Paramedic

Amit Man

Amit Man, a 22-year-old woman with a passion for performing arts encompassing singing, acting, and dancing, had also embarked on a professional journey as a certified paramedic. Her dedication to emergency medical services had led her to serve as an on-call paramedic at Kibbutz Bari, following years of voluntary service with Magen David Adom (MDA). This calling had its roots in a poignant moment at the age of 12 when she witnessed the compassionate care provided by a medical team to her father, who succumbed to cancer.

On the fateful morning of Black Saturday, while situated in Barry, Amit found herself amidst unsettling circumstances. At 7:30 AM, she alerted her family to the sound of gunshots within the kibbutz. Despite the escalating threat, she chose to remain at the clinic, demonstrating unwavering commitment to aiding the wounded. Despite entreaties from her boyfriend to evacuate to Netivot as alarms blared, Amit steadfastly persisted in her mission.

For seven arduous hours, from 7 AM to 2 PM, she rendered assistance to the injured as hundreds of terrorists infiltrated the kibbutz, perpetrating heinous acts against its residents. Remarkably, Amit's residence remained unscathed; however, had she opted for the safety of her apartment, she might have spared herself harm.

Resourcefully working with limited medical supplies, she improvised tourniquets and applied other first aid measures to alleviate the suffering of those in need. Survivors recounted the uplifting demeanor of their colleague, who endeavored to instill hope amid the chaos within the clinic. Tragically, a colleague's conversation in the family WhatsApp group chronicled her valiant efforts until communication ceased abruptly. Distressingly, her family, upon approaching her location, bore witness to her final moments as terrorists mercilessly ended her life.

In her last act of communication, Amit penned a poignant farewell message to her family, encapsulating the cruel irony that she met her demise in the very place where she had devoted herself to preserving and safeguarding lives—the kibbutz clinic.

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