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The Heroism of Yonatan Elazari: A Testament to Courage and Sacrifice

Yonatan Elazari

Yonatan Elazari joined the Dovdevan unit just two months before October 7th. On that Saturday, he went home and visited friends at the pre-military preparatory school in Ofakim. When alarms sounded and terrorists invaded Ofakim, Jonathan, though unarmed, courageously fought back with stones. Later, he found a seriously injured policeman, took his micro-tavor type weapon, and bravely fought the terrorists from a rooftop.

Elazari was considered missing until he was found dead on the roof with a smile on his face. Despite the long battle, his backpacks surrounded him, testifying to his determined fight during the holiday. His father described him as a mix of heroism and gentleness, always bringing joy and charm to those around him. Elazari died a hero's death, stopping a terrorist squad on the horizon.

His mother paid tribute, encouraging him to fight in the sky for their sake. Elazari's heroic act stands as a testament to the strong Jewish and Israeli spirit. At only 20 years old, he symbolizes the greatness of the soul and the amazing generation growing up in Israel.

In an interview, his parents shared that on that Shabbat, they couldn't comprehend what was happening with Jonathan. They imagined him sitting frustrated at not being able to fight due to lacking a weapon. Unfortunately, after 24 difficult hours, they faced the heartbreaking reality of his death. The Elazari family is a testimony to the enduring strength of the Land of Israel, raising a son who was exemplary, proud, and loved his homeland.

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