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War in Israel Israeli Flag

לסיפורים בעברית

The battle for the Gaza Division

Yaron Buskila

On the early morning of July 10, 2023, Hamas terrorist breached the separation fence, infiltrating Israeli territory. Responding swiftly to the breach, Lieutenant Colonel Yaron Buskila, an operations wing officer, immediately headed towards the base upon learning of the intrusion.

As Buskila made his way to the main base in the Gaza Division, he encountered the first wave of assailants. These terrorists, disguised in IDF uniforms and wielding captured IDF equipment, ambushed the troops from concealed positions along the route. Despite the surprise attack, our forces managed to swiftly counter and neutralize the threat, prioritizing the safety of both our personnel and civilians.

Upon reaching the main headquarters of the Gaza Division, a fierce confrontation ensued as approximately 40 armed terrorists attempted to seize control of the base. Armed with a variety of weapons including RPGs, knives, and grenades, the assailants sought to establish a stronghold within the divisional headquarters. Undeterred, the IDF forces, supported by helicopter units, successfully repelled the attackers, driving them to seek refuge within the building.

This marked the onset of the next phase of the battle – a relentless pursuit through the outpost's corridors and rooms to eliminate the remaining threat. In a display of unwavering unity and determination, combat officers fought side by side with their comrades, from triad officers to seasoned soldiers. Despite the challenge posed by the terrorists' concealed positions and camouflage tactics, our forces remained resolute in their mission.

Throughout the intense engagement, Lieutenant Colonel Buskila exemplified calm and decisive leadership, orchestrating coordinated fire support against enemy positions. His leadership played a pivotal role in turning the tide of battle, ultimately securing the base and preventing a potential takeover by hostile forces. Reflecting on the ordeal, Buskila praised the indomitable spirit and remarkable prowess displayed by our troops, emphasizing their swift mobilization and unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.

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