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Battleground Heroism: Tomer Alder's Courageous Stand in the Face of Terror

Tomer Eldar

Tomer Alder, commander of the South Military Police, had planned a peaceful weekend getaway with his wife. Little did he know that his heroism was about to be put to the test.

They set out for a short trip to the south, equipped with a tent and coffee. They enjoyed a hike up Ma'ale Zin and Nahal Zror, spending the night in the field. However, their idyllic weekend took a dramatic turn on their return.

Early Saturday morning, Alder received reports of two motorized paragliders and a shooting in Sderot. The defense order "Paresh Philasht" was issued, signaling a critical situation.

As Alder approached Sderot, he witnessed a scene of chaos—vehicles abandoned, civilians injured, and a reverse dirt bike. Realizing the severity, he took charge, attempting to locate the terrorists. Gunfire erupted near the police station, and Alder, along with a fellow officer, flanked the station to confront the threat.

Alder vividly recounts the intense battle inside the police station. With a small force, they faced gunfire from above and below. The stairwell layout proved crucial in saving their lives. They fought for hours, engaging the terrorists and preventing them from reaching the officers on the roof.

Despite the perilous situation, Alder's thoughts also turned to his wife, who feared for his safety. Rumors circulated that he might be among the casualties, adding to the emotional strain.

The battle extended beyond Sderot, with multiple combat zones and heroic acts by MGB forces, police officers, and standby squads. Stories of courage and resilience flooded in—from a lengthy battle at the Black Arrow monument to the rescue of civilians in Ra'im.

One pivotal moment occurred at the Yad Mordechai junction, where a quick response within 60 seconds prevented a significant invasion. The bravery displayed by commanders and officers, even in the face of injuries, became the defining aspect of the event.

As Alder reflects on the events of that day, he emphasizes the values of courage, mutual responsibility, and the determination to protect the State of Israel. Despite the losses, the resolve to continue the fight remains strong.

The heroism displayed by Tomer Alder and his fellow officers serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Israel Police to safeguard the country's security. The events of October 7 will be investigated, but the focus remains on moving forward with pride in the security system and the people of Israel.

Photo credits:

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tomer Eldar's private album

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