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לסיפורים בעברית

The 10-month-old twins who were orphaned on Black Saturday

The twin babied Roy and Guy

Itai and Hadar Berdichevsky were a young and beautiful couple who had been together since the age of 20. A month before Black Sabbath they celebrated their 30th birthday, the first birthday in which they were parents. They lived in Kfar Gaza, together with their 10-month-old twins. They were used to red alerts and sirens living the south which became a routine. In the first minutes of that Shabbat, they thought it was just another round, nothing special.Hadar and Itai entered with their two twins to the bomb shelter, Hadar had already prepared enough food in bottles for the twins for a long stay. The terrorists came to Hadar and Itai's house and murdered them next to the twins. The babies were not harmed but were left alone for 13 hours. The terrorists recognized that the babies' cries attracted the rescue forces and used them as bait to create a death trap. After many hours, a force of the 13th Battalion from the Golani Brigade, which fought in Kfar Azza, clearing  houses, received information that one of the neighbors had heard babies crying from one of the houses. 

The force entered the house, they saw Itai and Hadar lifeless, and next to them the two babies, lying quietly, and looking at them. The fighters choked, and shed a few tears. They thought of these pure babies who had to go through this hell and now they are orphans. They took the babies on the IDF combat vehicle, the  Namer, not before taking diapers and a small bottle for them to calm them down, because the ride on the IDF vehicle is particularly noisy. However, the babies did not cry and were very calm. Finally, the fighters took the twins out to the kibbutz gate and handed them over to the paramedics. The families of Hadar and Itai raise the twins and surround them with great love care, trying to maintain a routine as much as possible.

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