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לסיפורים בעברית

The Sacrifice of Rif Harush in Khan Yunis

Reif Harush

Rif Harush, a combat soldier from the School of Commando, Unit "Aguz", fell in the Gaza Strip during the battle at Khan Yunis.

The intense incident occurred when the unit's forces, operating under the command of Brigade 7, were engaged in expanding security along the logistics axis. Providing covering fire to enable their comrades to commence their operation, the soldiers encountered militants who emerged from a demolished building. Among them, Rif Harush took precise gunfire; three soldiers fell on the spot, and another was gravely injured and rushed to the hospital. The evacuation was swift and executed with urgency.

Harush had enlisted in the IDF two months prior to the outbreak of war, entering the fray in Gaza while still undergoing training. It was important for him to enlist in a meaningful role and give his best for the defense of the nation.

His father, Avi, wrote about his son that although too resolute to admit fear of war, simultaneously expressed that despite the fear, he wanted to be a combat soldier and defend the country. He asked Rif not to be a hero. Yet, Rif fought bravely against Hamas militants in Khan Yunis and paid with his life. He left behind his parents and sister. Rif was killed alongside his commander, Captain Ido Baruch, and his comrades Sergeant Amitai Even Shoshan and Sergeant Eliyahu Tza'iri.

Before entering Gaza, he wrote chilling letters to his family.

Rif wrote letters before entering Gaza to explain why he went to battle: "Why do I risk my life? They did it before and they will do it after. And let them know that behind them stands a giant army that will watch over them as long as we are on our feet."

Photo: Courtesy of the family and the IDF Archives

May his memory be blessed.

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