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לסיפורים בעברית

Trailblazing Triumph: IDF's Pioneering All-Female Tank Crew Defends Against Terror, Makes History

Female Combat Soldeirs

As part of the IDF’s efforts to create more opportunities for competent women on the battlefield, the armored corps opened its ranks for the first in the world pilot of and all female tank crew.

One company of female soldiers was on duty during October 7th. The soldiers did not hesitate, got on the tank, and drove to the scene to kill the terrorists. They drove over the terrorists with the tank, shot at them and manage to kill 50 terrorists and save countless innocent lives.

These young women only aged 20, made history on October 7th; they are the first and only all-female crew that fought a military battle in a tank. They used the tank to enter Holit, a Kibbutz bordering Gaza, and single handedly save an entire community from torture and death. They used another tank to guard the breach in the border wall that the terrorists created, preventing more terrorists from pouring into Israel and massacring other communities. They fought for over 6 hours shoulder to shoulder with male counter terrorism units. Some of the commanders showed outstanding ingenuity by operating a tank system that they were not trained on, during the fighting. They also showed quick wittedness by fighting in civilian environment which they were never taught. Their actions saved and entire swathe of communities that would have had terrorists warming into them south of the Gaza strip. They proved that female combat soldiers can professional, deadly and very effective.write

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