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לסיפורים בעברית

Surviving the Tiger's Roar: A Sole Warrior's Tribute to Fallen Comrade

Daniel Mazevich

On October 31, 2023, during the fifth day of ground forces' attempts to enter the Gaza Strip, a military armored vehicle of the NMR type was struck by anti-tank fire from Hamas terrorists. This attack, at a specific angle, resulted in the tragic loss of 11 fighters from the Saber Battalion of the Brigade, all of whom were aboard the armored and protected NMR.

Among the unit, Daniel Mazvitz emerged as the sole survivor. He endured a two-week struggle for his life in critical condition at the hospital, where he was sedated and ventilated. Upon awakening, Daniel expressed a strong desire to return to the NMR, driven by his commitment to honoring his fallen comrades and a profound sense of duty.

Daniel shared his experience on Instagram, stating:

"Hello, I'm Daniel, the sole survivor from the tiger disaster on October 31, our fifth day of entry. In that tragedy, 11 out of the 12 heroic warriors on board lost their lives, and I alone remained. The attached picture shows what's left of my tiger, taken about a month later. I spent two weeks in critical condition, sedated and ventilated, but as soon as I could stand, I requested to see the vessel, my home for almost a month.

This tiger meant everything to me, more than just a tool. It was my shelter, my home, and I cared for it like a child. I cherished it, and it, in turn, guarded me on the battlefield.

In war, we anticipated casualties, even from our own team, but the scale of this tragedy surpassed our worst nightmares. Eleven warriors, my home and second family, were lost in a single blow, with the same tool, in the same second. I survived, perhaps miraculously, to ensure the memory of these 11 lions, my brothers, my friends, my family.

I had the privilege of knowing each one, experiencing their laughter and the precious moments we shared.

In memory of the fallen:

Lior Siminowitz

Ido Ovadia

Pedia Mark

Roy Daoui

Adi Danan

Adi Leon

Shay Erves

Hillel Solomon

Erez Mishlovsky

Itay Yehuda

Roy Sargosti

In heart and soul, a sniper rifle."

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