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לסיפורים בעברית

The Warrior Who Left a Chilling Will

Ben Zusman

Ben Zusman, from Jerusalem, was a fighter in the combat engineering battalion. He joined the reserve when the war started. He was not called to the reserves but volunteered. Before entering Gaza he wrote a will in case something happened to him. He gave it to a close friend for delivery in case he falls.

 At his funeral, his mother read the will. Ben wrote if something happens to him, people should know he doesn't regret anything, he fulfills a right and a dream to protect his country and people. 

"Even if something happens to me," he wrote, "I don't allow you to sink into sadness." The next part of the will which consisted of 250 words leaves instructions down to the smallest details of how his Shiva will look. 

He wanted his Shiva to involve a lot of food, in a social event filled with people, where his parents could hear stories about him. He added a request that if, God forbid, he falls into captivity, he is not ready to be exchanged for terrorists to be released. He asked that no campaign would be carried out for his release because he does not want any soldier or civilian to be harmed by a terrorist who would be released. He wrote, "If I have to die, I hope it will be in defense of others and the country." For him it was a great pride and privilege to be called to defend the country. Ben's mother wanted to convey a message after her son's will was completed. She says her son was a good man but he didn't develop this way in a vacuum. He was born to a people and a society that is full of good people with great values who want to improve society. The family he was born into is not special in any way.

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