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לסיפורים בעברית

He could have fled but stayed to help

Amar Abu Sabila

In the bustling town of Sderot, the Suissa family, consisting of the devoted parents Dolev and Odiya, and their two innocent daughters, aged 3 and 6, embarked on an ordinary trip to the local shopping center. Little did they know that this seemingly routine outing would thrust them into the midst of a harrowing encounter with terrorism.

As they neared the shopping center, a group of terrorists emerged, casting a dark shadow over the unsuspecting family. Tragedy struck when the terrorists callously murdered Dolev, leaving Odiya and her two young daughters traumatized and vulnerable in the face of imminent danger.

A guardian angel, in the form of Amar Abu Sabila from Abu-Talul, happened to be nearby and witnessed the horrifying scene. Without a moment's hesitation, he rushed to the aid of the grief-stricken mother and her terrified daughters, determined to guide them to safety. Little did they know that their destination, the nearby police station, had already fallen into the hands of the very terrorists they sought refuge from.

Undeterred by the escalating danger, Amar continued his selfless mission, navigating the chaotic streets to reach the compromised police station. Tragically, as they approached the entrance, the terrorists opened fire, claiming Amar's life with a fatal shot to the head. The echoes of gunfire shattered the air, and Odiya Suissa, already mourning the loss of her husband, fell victim to the violence as well.

Amidst the chaos, the two young Suissa girls, now orphaned and terrified, instinctively sought refuge in the back seat of the car, hiding beneath a makeshift shelter formed by a hastily thrown sheet. Their lives hung in the balance as they waited, hearts pounding, until the distant sounds of approaching army forces signaled their impending rescue.

Amar Abu Sabila, a hero in the truest sense, was not merely a bystander in the face of adversity. Married with two young children of his own, he had a choice – to escape and safeguard his own life or to extend a helping hand to a stranger in need. Choosing the path of selflessness, he made the ultimate sacrifice, proving that humanity's resilience can prevail even in the darkest of times.

Amar's cousin later recounted how he had contacted his family, expressing his unwavering commitment to aiding a distressed woman and guiding her to the police station. "He could have escaped and gotten away from there," his cousin remarked, "but instead chose to help someone else because he knew she was in trouble." May Amar Abu Sabila's memory be a blessing, a beacon of inspiration reminding us all of the enduring strength found in compassion and selflessness.

Photo: Amer Odeh Abu Sabila, a Bedouin from xx who worked as security guard in Sderot, has been missing since October 7, 2023 (Courtesy)

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