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War in Israel Israeli Flag

לסיפורים בעברית

Echoes of Valor: A Tale of Courage and Sacrifice in the Shadows of Urim Base

Adi Gruman

At 6:30 a female company of Combat Intelligence Collection corps, heard that there is a firefight in the nearby Urim base. They quickly dressed and put on their uniforms and fighting gear and went out to fight and save their friends. They divided into squadrons and planned out their tactical maneuvers. They split into 3 bands and performed a pincer movement by outflanking the terrorists from two sides of the base. When they came, they already found that the soldiers in the war room had been massacred. Only 4 soldiers from the base survived the attack. One of the soldiers, Sergeant Adi Gruman, was only 19 when she fell in battle after the terrorists threw grenades at the soldiers. Adi volunteered to join her commander that had asked someone to join him.

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