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The Oslo Debacle: 30 Years to the Accords that Changed Israel

Upon the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords, the IDSF’s Research Department is issuing a special booklet called “The Oslo Debacle – 30 Years to the Accords that Changed Israel”.

The research includes an analysis of the decision-making process and its effect on Israeli society and data on Israel’s security, including fatalities, before and after Oslo; comparison of the funds received by the PA from the international community and West Germany after WWII; special poll among 1,057 Israelis; special research group of 50 Israelis and the process they went through, toward the Palestinians, Israel’s security needs and view of the conflict; the roads paved by the Rabin government as means to entrench security and hold of the territory; new revelations from Palestinian broker Abu Alaa’s personal diary and his view of the negotiations; and in-depth analysis of Israel’s military response to developments on the ground from Oslo, through the 2002 Defensive Shield operation and on to 2023. We are open to an in-person briefing about all of the above analyses. Please contact us for any comments or questions.

Read the full research paper here


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