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Gaza Fatality Data Has Become Completely Unreliable

Given the discrepancies in official Palestinian counts and their growing reliance on questionable data from media reports, the credibility gaps revealed by a previous Washington Institute study have become yawning chasms.

A stampede of Gazan mob storming an aid truck in Gaza, resulting in the crushing and runover of possibly dozens of Palestinians. IDF soldiers also fired toward Gazans who came dangerously close to them _ Credit_ IDF Spokesperson

The report highlights issues surrounding the accuracy of Palestinian death toll data during the Hamas-Israel conflict. It notes a shift in methodology by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health (MOH) in Gaza, relying increasingly on media reports rather than traditional collection systems due to disruptions caused by the Israeli invasion. Discrepancies between the two methods indicate a likely understatement of male fatalities, challenging the widely cited claim that 72% of the dead are women and children. The analysis raises concerns about data manipulation and the need for caution when interpreting casualty figures, suggesting a decrease in the conflict's intensity but emphasizing the limitations of available data in accurately assessing civilian and combatant casualties.


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