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Zionism is a White Supremacist Ideology




TRT and other Arab media outlets are attempting to portray Zionism as a form of white supremacist ideology. However, it's important to note that Jews have historically not been considered white in Europe and the US, where this ideology originated. In Israel, Jews come from diverse backgrounds, as they were dispersed across the globe. While many Jews may have Ashkenazi backgrounds and are often associated with European origins, the majority of Jews in Israel actually have Mizrahi and Sephardic backgrounds, originating from Arabic and Islamic countries and often having darker skin tones.

Judaism is not solely an ethnic or religious identity, as there are Jews from various countries and ethnicities, including non-religious Jews. Instead, Jews constitute a people with a shared rich history and traditions. Zionism, in turn, advocates for the establishment of a Jewish nation-state in the Jewish ancestral homeland to protect Jews from persecution. It's crucial to distinguish Zionism as a national liberation movement from racist theories of racial superiority, which originated in the US and hold no connection to the core principles of Zionism.

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