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Israel Attacks Ambulances




Hamas has used ambulances to transport military equipment and fighters. This was revealed by captured Nuhba terrorists who were interrogated by the Shin Bet. Hamas’ logic is that they know Israel does not purposefully target civilian ambulance and this was the reason that they started this practice. Israel did target an ambulance it knew was transporting terrorists, making it a legitimate military target.

The IDF intercepted calls of terrorists attesting to the fact they use amublances to avoid being targeted by the Israelis. In one of those intercepted and declassified phone call, a Hamas terrorist operative says that “I can leave with any ambulance I want.” Additionally, Israel released clear aerial photos that show ambulances park in a Hamas military base, ready to be used.

Hamas uses ambulances deliberately to trigger shock and pressure toward Israel in the international community, knowing that the full extent of the facts will not outshine an opportunity to make bad PR for Israel.

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